in every second
i just cant put my head
away from that pictures of yours
taken with a guy
that used to be my wanna-be-guy.
and i just cant believe
you could say that L word to him..

you’ve cried twice in front of me.
i thought it was for me..
you don’t know how i felt relieved when i thought you cried for me…

i still remember our last days spent together.
you know what dear,
i realized from the look of your face how your heart changed from that day.
yes you laughed.
yes you shed tears.
but i know you.
i can read you.
we’ve known for quite a long time..

how can i be so numb loving you by neglecting all those black dots you’ve put in my heart?
how i wish i could read your heart and see if i’m still there….

thanks for just being you..

  1. sial r ejat…
    dah 16 sept 09 jat..
    wake up from ur dream jat…
    she just like crums in ur life..
    kita Bru kat cerita siri ke-23
    n if u wanna know wat next..
    there lots of nex n new series..
    n the best part…
    u decide wat will be nex…

  2. a true lover..
    ko kot tu eijat..
    chill man..
    SHE dont deserve YOU..
    YOU deserve a lot ,hell lot better person than HER..
    heh 🙂

    • yanee
    • September 17th, 2009

    a very emotional statement from koyok. i’m impressed. (^_*)
    for eijat;
    get muvin bro.
    mybe this is not wut u want,
    but this is the God’s plan and who knos that there might be a good thing that we dun kno wut it is.
    hopefully it will be THE BEST for u.

  3. heh.
    itu pendapat saya.
    melalu penelitian dan penyelidikan saya
    lain orang lain pendapat kan.

    • adikmu
    • September 27th, 2009

    isk3.. ksiannyerlah hai abgku yg seorang ni ek.. tabah2 k..

  4. so how’s now..?
    found sum1 already..??
    btw, awk mmg knal gn cik nadia tu la yer..
    mmg btul la dunia ni kecik jer..
    pusing2 kat ctu gak ek…
    nice knowing you =)

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