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Rock the World 9

Geng.. Jom gi!


Terjemah English kepada Bahasa Melayu dengan Google

Syarikat gergasi Internet, Google telah mengumumkan 9 bahasa baru telah ditambah ke dalam Google Translate termasuklah Bahasa Malaysia. 8 bahasa lain yang telah ditambah ialah Afrikaans, Belarusian, Icelandic, Irish, Macedonian, Swahili, Welsh dan Yiddish. Dengan penambahan 9 bahasa baru ini menjadikan jumlah bahasa yang terdapat di Google Translate ialah 51 jenis.

Google Translate adalah sebuah laman web yang berfungsi menterjemahkan pelbagai jenis bahasa kepada pelbagai jenis bahasa dan tulisan. Ia berfungsi sebagai kamus digital. Kalau dizahirkan kamus ini, mesti sangat-sangat tebal.

Google Translate bukan sahaja boleh menterjemahkan satu-perkataan sahaja, malah dua, tiga, atau 4 ribu patah perkataan! Ia juga boleh menterjemahkan sesebuah website. Cuba klik link ini untuk menterjemahkan website ini. klik. Tambahan pula, ia boleh juga menterjemahkan sesebuah dokumen. Setakat ni aku da cuba file word (.doc), dan hasilnya memuaskan!

Seperti kamus-kamus online lain, macam, Google Translate akan menterjemahkan satu-persatu perkataan. Jadi, susunan ayat yang terhasil adalah tidak teratur. Google Translate juga tidak boleh menterjemahkan perkataan-perkataan singkatan yang kita gunakan seperti ni, ko, dan nak.


pimp my “jalur lebar”

for decades, internet is well known by human being as a technology, as a need. everything is like on the finger tip. with couple of clicks, we can get and do like everything and anything in the world. entertainments, news, gossips, shopping, make friends, and much more.

having a super-bad internet speed connection for me is like a disaster. it is even worst when my housemate yelled, “server down!!” when there is no internet connection in my house that is usually happen.

internet is like a part of my body. without it, i felt lost, handicapped. my life would be meaningless. i don’t know what to do. boredom ignites from every corner of my room that i sight.

in our beloved country, the word “broadband” or in Malay “jalur lebar” is not rare anymore. we can say that every telecommunication company provides broadband with assorted benefits.

well, the most “otai” is Streamyx. Streamyx has been established in Malaysia for years. however, the performance and services they provide are still not in satisfactory.

i still remember a time ago, i called the customer careline for a support about my internet connection problem. guess what she said?

i’m sorry, we can’t help you. we have to collect more complaint for futher action

is this what we called “customer always right”? don’t i pay hundreds every month for their services?

lately, Streamyx is having hell slow connection. and yet, their reason is still the same, “under water cable problem”. supposed 1Mbps speed, yet we get like half from it. sometimes, no connection at all. doesn’t it sucks for every subscribed customer?

dear DIGI, please pimp my “jalur lebar”…

pimp my broadband

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